Wednesday, February 21

The Birthday Card


BravoZulu said...

nice work gentlemen, mice work.

BravoZulu said...

and by mice, i mean, well, great.

Anonymous said...

3 rules of film:

Never work with babies.
Never work with pets.
Never work on windy rooftops.

Also, I must draw attention to Rory's fantastic score (our first original score). I thought of making the credit "orginal music by Rory Lucey based on a theme by Aidan Lucey", but it was my most pretentious thought of the day, so I let it slide.

Rory said...

"based on original melodies whistled by aidan lucey"

pennance said...

Wait, so are you guys not in Rochester anymore? Or has the Rochester skyline blossomed since last I saw it?

Great work on both films! Can't wait for the last two (but probably will).