Friday, February 16

Movie 2- Aidan's Brainstorm and More!

I think I know what an NFL coach feels like. You go to bed Sunday night a little tipsy, feeling great. You got the big win, a week of preparation has paid off. Your players are happy, the owners are happy, your wife is happy, and you feel fantastic. It can be like this all the time. You remind yourself to feel this good all the time.

You wake up Monday morning in a cold sweat, unable to breath. The next game is less than a week away. Your team looked awful yesterday, got lucky, should have lost. There is no way you can pull this together. You'll be destroyed, never make the playoffs, get fired. Who would hire you now? Your washed up. It's over. Might as well try to salvage a little dignity.

Repeat 16 times

No time to focus on the last film. Time to move on. Got to shake off the doubt. Got a film to make.

Tomorrow is a pretty big day, as you Bootleg Robot fanatics already know. It's a big birthday for a special guy: Michael Jordan. MJ has always meant a lot to us here at BooRo HQ, and Phil is a lifelong Buffalo Bulls fan. For Phil, February 17th is one of the biggest days of the year.

Birthdays get pretty weird as you get older. I just want people to come to my house, have Jello, give me a Lego set, and go home, but it doesn't work that way anymore. In this next film, I think it would interesting to follow a typical birthday, for example, Phil's, to potentially comic effect. I think it could tie in with some of Phil's ideas as well. We definitely want to pay more attention and be a little more meticulous. Don't hold your breath.

I'm serious about that Lego set.

Wednesday, February 14

A day off (sort of)

Sometimes we have to put our loved ones above our movies. Today was just one of those days. We'll be back and on schedule tomorrow. Hope you had a happy Vanhalentines Day!

Movie 1- Things We're Good At

Tuesday, February 13

Technical Difficulties

So the film is done, but I haven't had any luck exporting/ converting it, so it's not up yet, but should be tomorrow. I hope no one planned anything around seeing this thing right now. If you did, let us know and we'll try to compensate you, or better yet, overcompensate.

Monday, February 12

Almost There!

I just watched the very near final cut of the film with Lizzie and Joe, who helped out with the production, and it looks good. It needs some touching up tomorrow, but Phil and I are pleased with how our first short is turning out. We'll have the short, and some sobering reflections, tomorrow evening. I wouldn't make popcorn yet, but you could put a bag in the microwave so that you're ready.

Sunday, February 11

Movie 1- Filming

We did the filming this weekend, and we can't really show it to you, but here's a taste:

Movie 1 - Filming and Phil's 2 Cents...

On the left you will notice a picture. At first you will appreciate the quality of light as it was a fine winters day. It is true, the sun did shine radiantly down upon our movie making, and indeed we basked in its benevolent light for the better half of Sunday afternoon. Secondly, you will likely comment to a nearby friend, spouse, live-in ex, or to anyone who happens to be within ear shot of your computer, at what a cute red stool that seems to be and how at home it seems in that lovely sun drenched kitchen space. Thirdly and finally, you will realize that it is not merely a kitchen and cheerfully painted piece of furniture, but actually a sound stage and a tripod. It is then that your heart will surly fall and your expectations for our as of yet unborn film will come crashing back to earth, which incidentally is exactly where we want them. Keep them there. Do not let them rise and I promise you that on Tuesday, when we post our film, you will at best be surprised and at worst no more than ambivalent and willing to watch again next week to see if we can raise the bar which we have set so dangerously low. That being said, I'm pretty excited. Thanks for checking in!