Friday, February 9

Movie 1 - Aidan's Storyboard

Movie 1 - Phil's Storyboard

"Still" Waiting

You said it Aidan. Until ol' super scooper gets its act together, here is a "Still" frame from my 30 second movie.


More Like Super DeSuxe

Super Deluxe, our unwitting partner in this venture, appears to be having some sort of technical problem (no doubt related to the presence of Carlos Mencia on their homepage). Looks like our videos are down for now, including the harvey wallbanger that I just filmed. Hopefully they fix this soon, or it will be off to YousTube.

*UPDATE* John, a Super Deluxe employee, has left a comment in the comment section. He is correct, the site is working again. Three cheers to John for visiting our site and taking the time to add a comment. Let's see, Super Deluxe employees: 1. Relatives of the involved participants: 0.

Thursday, February 8

Movie 1 - Phil's Script

Movie 1- Aidan's Script

So I wrote a script, a really short one, as well as some ideas for our film. I want to share them, but not give away the secrets. We'll find the right balance as we go, keep it interesting but not spoil it. Here's my script, slightly edited for your sake. Enjoy.

Aidan's Script