Friday, February 23

Time Marches On...

Two down, two to go. We are deep into pre-production on film #3 (yes, we do occasionally ignore the fact that we are making home movies and use words like "pre-production") and I think it will be the best yet. We're exploring a story about the music you listen to, and how it's related to your personality. That doesn't sound funny at all, but we think we have a couple of jokes that might work.

Our production goal for this film is not to leave everything for Sunday. We are going to try to shoot at least one frame on Saturday. Just one frame on Saturday and we will be way ahead on Sunday. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, February 21

Sunday, February 18

Movie 2 - Shoot first ask questions later

Aidan and I completed another weekend of "skin of the teeth" "sweat of the brow" "seat of the pants" filmmaking. Our first scheduled shoot was scrubbed leaving us with only Sunday and forcing us to retool the script on the fly. I think it came out pretty well considering. And while we were at it I turned 26.

After the release of our first film some of you may have found yourself wondering just what is wankel rotary engine and why did we chose to talk about it in our movie. Let me ease your troubled mind. There is no answer to that second question, but I can assure you the genius of german engineer Felix Wankel is very real. For those of you who haven't bought me a birthday present yet, I'd like one of these. With or without the car...