Wednesday, February 28



Tuesday, February 27

Our train got broke

Friends, family, strangers... Aidan and I did not finish our movie today, but that does not mean that we are not committed to the cause. It might mean among other things that we are a little sleep deprived, working full time jobs, juggling some semblance of a social life, and once or twice a day we are sitting down to eat a meal. DO NOT DESPAIR! If you absolutely must watch an Aidan and Phil movie you may do so here. We'll get back on our movie make'n train this weekend.

It's A Living Thing

Phil and I took last night off to go and see Tim and Eric: Awesome Tour at the Knitting Factory. I think we really got our creative juices flowing! At one point, either Tim or Eric shouted "Who makes short films in their spare time and uploads them to the web and makes their friends sit through them?" Every hand in the audience went up.

New movie looks great!

Will be up tomorrow!